Aquatica A7RII & A7SII housing

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Available worldwide and in NY for rental, the Aquatica underwater housing for the Sony A7R II & A7S II cameras allows you to capture amazing images underwater. With its easy to reach controls, next generation lens gear system and uncompromised viewing, this housing is ideal for the use of the Sony A7R II & A7S II cameras in the world’s most demanding underwater environments. With this housing you can professionally capture 4k underwater.

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The lens that can be used with the housing is the:


This Aquatica housing is milled from a solid block of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. It is black anodized and then, for further protection, a chip resistant, baked at high temperature, polyester electrostatic powder coat paint is added.

All controls are designed for easy reach and smooth operation throughout the housing. This includes a next-generation lens gearing system with a re-designed housing pinion gear and a larger diameter lens gear selection, allowing for smoother transition while zooming/focusing in a video sequence. The Aquatica quick release tray delivers smooth and precise positioning of the camera in the housing and allows the user to insert and remove the camera using a simple push tab, allowing the camera to be removed from the back while keeping a lens and zoom gear attached.

All push buttons are made from high quality type 304 stainless steel and operate smoothly for a natural feel and intuitive operation.

Viewing is through an exceptional Galileo-type eye piece. This high quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the finder.

The Aquatica port system, with its critically precise optical property, has been a stable platform on which videographers have relied on for many years to produce state of the art images.

The ruggedness of Aquatica housings is legendary. The lightweight housing benefits from the finest material available in the metallurgic industry and is carefully crafted from a selected alloy of aircraft-grade aluminum. This housing has the same standard 90m/300ft depth rating. Its knurled knobs and oversized controls mean easy operation in all kinds of diving conditions.

**The 9.25″ Megadome port can be rented for an additional $75 per day – NOTE: Any scratches or damage to the Megadome port glass will cost $1,500 to replace.

Depth Rating & Dimension

  • 90m/300ft (upgradeable to 130m/425ft)
  • Dimensions: Height: 6.7’’ / Depth: 5’’
  • Width: No grips: 9.35’’ / With grips: 13.5’’
  • Weight (with grips attached): 6.3 lbs

Construction of shell

  • 6061 T6 Marine Grade aluminum
  • Anodized to MIL-A-8625 (type 2, Class 2 specification)
  • Powder coated with certified A.A.M.A. 2603-98 Polyester coating
  • Baked at 177c/350F (specification ASTM D2794

Control shafts and push pins

  • Type 304 marine grade Stainless steel
  • All shaft double sealed with double O-rings
  • All push pins sealed with Quad Rings

Standard features

  • Ergonomically optimized for diving conditions
  • Oversized knurled controls knobs
  • Sturdy comfortable grips
  • Extended shutter release
  • Port lock mechanism
  • Lens release mechanism
  • Standard high quality Galileo Optical Eye piece

Mounting points for strobes arms, lighting fixtures and/or tripod

  • 8 standard ¼”-20 sized threaded holes, two on each hand grips and the top and bottom of the housing


Various port extensions and gears are available depending on the lens(es) you will be using. Please refer to the lens list under the Features tab for specifics.

  • Underwater Cinematographer
  • 9.25″ Megadome port – $75/day – NOTE:  Any scratches or damage to the Megadome port glass will cost $1,500 to replace.
  • I-Torch Video Pro7
  • Sartek 10,000 Lumen Underwater Lights
  • VL 1800 Dive Light
  • Diver recall/Underwater speaker system for voice comm or music
  • OTS MK7 Buddyline System
  • OTS MK2-DC1 underwater comm system
  • OTS STX-101 wireless underwater comm system


Q: Can I use my A7r or A7s camera in this housing, or does it have to be the A7r II or A7s II?
A: You can only use an A7r II or an A7s II in the housing.
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