GoPro Hero U/W Housing

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Available worldwide and in NYC for rental, the GoPro Hero underwater housing has a 25ft HDMI video out cable for topside monitoring/recording for both the GoPro 3 or 4.

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The housing has been pressure tested to 40ft by the manufacturer.

The GoPro battery bacpack will work in this housing doubling your battery life.  But the LCD screen will not work.

Both top and front buttons work in the housing.

NOTE: The HDMI outside end must be above water. If it is not, over time the water will go into the housing through the cable under pressure.

WARNING: ASL and the manufacturer are not responsible for damage, injury or loss of equipment from the use of this housing.  Use at your own risk.  Manufacturer recommends testing without the camera first at any significant depths.


  • 25ft HDMI video out cable
  • Pressure tested by manufacturer to 40ft
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