ToughSignal provides strong, remote internet connectivity unlike anything you have experienced. Our portable devices are rugged, powerful and scalable.

Our company is organized to respond to the mission critical needs of our enterprise customers. Simply put, we are reachable, personable and responsible. When you purchase a ToughSignal device, we build an immediate and integrated relationship between the end-user and our network engineers.

Our technology is designed to completely liberate and amplify your existing environment. ToughSignal’s goal, by design, is to remain humbly unnoticed yet functionally critical to your day-to-day workstream.


ToughSignal is designed to keep your business connected wherever you are.

Our network bonding technology combines up to 5 internet sources for unparalleled reliability and security.

Using a ToughSignal device is as straightforward as turning it on.

Just press the integrated power button inside the case, connect to the dedicated Wi-Fi network, and start working.

ToughSignal boasts up to 72 hours of runtime on a single charge.

Stay connected no matter where your business takes you with our 54,000 mAh battery.

Live Streaming and Events

Keep your event management team connected and in control with ToughSignal’s high-performance mobile internet solutions. Our network bonding technology allows for uninterrupted connection, perfect for staying live in tough conditions.

Whether you’re organizing live performances, remote festivals, or trade shows, our portable cases provide the stable and high-speed internet required for smooth event coordination, live streaming, and real-time audience engagement.

Built for Mobile Workforces

Equip your mobile workforce with ToughSignal’s reliable mobile internet solutions to stay connected and productive, no matter where their work takes them.

Ideal for remote teams, field technicians, and sales representatives, our portable cases ensure seamless video calls, efficient data transfer, and secure access to corporate resources.

Remote Education & Health Services

Ensure continuous connectivity and learning with ToughSignal’s advanced mobile internet solutions for remote education. Our technology guarantees an uninterrupted and high-speed
connection, which is crucial for real-time online classes, virtual labs, and other educational activities.

ToughSignal also empowers
remote health services by
offering dependable, high-speed internet solutions. Whether you’re conducting telehealth consultations, remote patient monitoring, or accessing electronic health records, our portable cases provide the uninterrupted internet connectivity needed for seamless delivery of health services.


ToughCareTM Priority Support is staffed by enterprise class network engineers. We pride ourselves in being the geeks in the room. Our Summit devices are tested to run under extreme conditions and we back up that capability with technical expertise under pressure.

Included with ToughCare Priority Support:

  • Initial setup meeting and teleconference
  • Ongoing configuration assistance
  • 24/7 Phone/Email Support
  • ToughFusion VPN Bonding unlimited use
  • Synergy Mode unlimited access
  • Remote cloud monitoring, management and control
  • US Based Network Engineers
  • Extended warranty coverage to 24 months
  • Latest firmware updates


DUAL Next-GEN 5g Modem

Dual next-generation 5G chipsets designed for enhanced connectivity, speed, and efficiency to allow multiple simultaneous cellular connections.

4 WAN/LAN ports

WAN/LAN ports are crucial for establishing wired connections, ensuring stable, high-speed data transfer and seamless network integration.

Integrated Wifi 6

With the integrated WiFi 6 access point, easily connect up to 150 devices 250+ feet away, allowing for robust connectivity essential for business operations.



ToughSignal™ Summit Dual 5G Max with 10GB of starting data & ToughSignal™ 24/7 Customer Support Team


Base (Essential)


ToughSignal™ Summit Dual 5G Max with 10GB of starting data & ToughSignal™ 24/7 Customer Support Team



Additional per GB after the initial 10GB

*Billing will be presented after the rental for any overages