In the dynamic landscape of filmmaking, connectivity and communication stand as critical pillars for success — especially in remote locations.

Enter ToughSignal, a powerful solution for remote internet needs, designed to strengthen and protect your film productions.

In this article, we will delve into the key features of ToughSignal, explore how this technology benefits filmmakers, and how it has revolutionized remote internet connectivity for challenging environments, particularly the underwater sphere.

About ToughSignal

ToughSignal is your go-to for powerful remote internet. It’s resilient, easy to use, and
scales to your filmmaking needs

Key Features:

  1. Reliability: ToughSignal keeps you connected anywhere. It combines up to 5 internet sources through network bonding technology for extreme reliability and security.
  2. Straightforward Operation: ToughSignal has a user-friendly design with an integrated power button inside the case. Once you connect to the dedicated Wi-Fi network, you can start working.
  3. Battery Life: With a massive 54,000 mAh battery, ToughSignal provides up to 72 hours of runtime on a single charge.

Business Use Cases:

  1. Live Streaming: ToughSignal provides stable and uninterrupted internet connection for live streaming, festivals, or trade shows.
  2. Mobile Teams: ToughSignal is ideal for teams on the move. Smooth video calls, quick data transfer, and secure access to your files.
  3. Education & Health: Uninterrupted internet for online classes, virtual labs, or remote health services.

ToughSignal emphasizes its commitment to customer relationships and technical expertise under pressure through ToughCare™ Priority Support, staffed by enterprise-class network engineers.

How ToughSignal Benefits Filmmakers

ToughSignal enhances connectivity and communication in the film industry in three main areas:

Cell Service

ToughSignal has multiple high powered antennas that reach cell towers a phone cannot. If you’re on a film shoot where cell service isn’t reliable but you still need access to Wi-Fi and phone calls, ToughSignal acts as a hotspot for everyone on set.

Remote Locations

If you find that no one has service during a location scout, you can fix that problem
ahead of time. Using ToughSignal is a great safety backup that streamlines
production and makes you feel like you’re back in the studio.

ToughSignal (with the Starlink add on) connects you to the internet in any remote location as long as you have a clear view of the sky. The Starlink antenna provides access to the Starlink satellites so you’re not tethered to cell towers. When Starlink is in use, ToughSignal acts as a modem.

Large Events

If you attend an event that has good service but a large crowd takes up a substantial amount of bandwidth from neighboring cell towers, you can use ToughSignal to bypass the cell towers nearby. It will connect you with further cell towers that are less jammed up.

How ToughSignal Provides Solutions for ASL Clients

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges that come along with filmmaking. Our unwavering commitment to simplifying our clients’ lives propels us to explore cutting-edge solutions. After an extensive search, we’re thrilled to unveil a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering truly remarkable solutions:


Since we work in unconventional environments, safety is always our top priority. In the past, we’ve run into a problem: no cell service on the boat in the middle of the ocean. Although our expert camera operators and technicians are trained to handle uncertain situations, it’s important to be able to contact emergency services if needed. ToughSignal enhances any communication you may need. If something
goes wrong, you’re no longer on your own.

Remarkable Access

ToughSignal gives you access to remote locations like never before. Since underwater live streaming comes with many challenges, it has only ever been done three times – all by us. With this technology, the possibilities to do livestreams in any capacity (through live TV or an app like Zoom, Facebook, or Instagram) are endless. Whether you stumble upon a pride of lions on a safari or start swimming with sharks off the coast, a live presenter can narrate for your audience, bringing them right into
the action.

Cost Effective and Effortless Live Streaming

In our initial endeavor into live underwater feeds, we arranged microwave transmitters aboard a boat to send signals to a strategically positioned satellite truck on the shore. This truck beamed the signal up to a satellite, serving as our uplink. While this intricate setup thrived in proximity to the shore, it would not serve us for our next live event 80 miles off shore. Instead, we needed to place large satellites on
the boat itself, requiring a larger boat to fulfill the task.

With ToughSignal, everything you need to live stream is self contained within two
cases. Not only does this reduce the possibility of error or failure, it dramatically
reduces the costs associated with live productions of the past.

ToughSignal is Your Go-To Solution

From enhancing communication in remote locations to providing a safety net in unconventional filming environments, ToughSignal transforms what was once near impossible into endless filmmaking possibilities.

With a unique set of features, ToughSignal provides bold filmmakers the security they
need to pursue their creative vision.

ASL clients, supported with over 30 years of filmmaking expertise, now have at their
disposal a tool that not only simplifies but revolutionizes their productions.

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