1K HydroPar Tungsten

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HydroPar® 1200w M1 HMI lighting systems are state-of-the-art underwater lights specifically designed for feature and commercial film production. Modular components, underwater mateable connectors incorporating the “mate first/break last” grounding circuit and integrated ground fault sensors (GFCI’s) which prevent electrical accidents, make these lighting systems safe, flexible and easy to set up.

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Modular components, underwater mate-able connectors and integrated ground fault sensors (GFCI’s) for accident prevention make HydroPars safe, flexible and easy to set up. Each lamp is compact and lightweight and can be configured to a multitude of shooting situations. Barn doors and specially designed snoots are readily added by simply removing the lamp head retaining ring and inserting the accessory. Filters, gels and scrims may also be used. A 5/8″ spud assures compatibility with standard grip and lighting equipment.

Depth rated to 100 ft., the HydroPar 1K was designed primarily as a simple, lightweight multipurpose underwater light source, suitable for key or fill light from a fixed position, or handheld to follow the action. It is for underwater use only.

This lamp utilizes our custom underwater mate-able connector incorporating the “Mate First/Break Last” grounding circuit. Powered by AC, the HydroPar 1000W is supplied with a GFCI unit for AC.


  • Medium Globe
  • Edison Adapter Cable
  • 50ft. Header Cable
  • 20A Single GFCI
  • PAR 64 Gel Ring
  • Scrim Set- 2 Doubles, 1 Single
  • PAR 64 Barn Door
  • Spud Plate


  • Bulb: Par64
  • Voltage: 120 Vac/vdc
  • Color Temp: 3200° K
  • Operating Depth: 100 Feet
  • Weight In Air: 14 Pounds
  • Weight In Water: 4 Pounds

The HydroPar 1000W conforms to UL 1573 and CE Standards and is certified to CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 NO. 166.

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