Nauticam Digital Cinema System For ARRI Alexa Mini/LF Camera

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Available in NYC and Worldwide for Rental.

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  • Nauticam NA-502 monitor housing includes Small HD monitor preinstalled in housing
  • Housing with 3 Manual Lens Control Assemblies
  • 250mm Optically Coated Glass Dome Port  (NOTE: FLAT PORT Available Optionally for $75/day)
  • 30, 40, and 50mm Stackable, Locking Port Extension Rings
  • Integrated ARRI GB-1
  • Vacuum Check & Leak Detection System, Dual Activation Vacuum Valve
  • Power, Vacuum and Tally Lights are easily visible on the rear of the housing to insure you don’t miss capturing that critical scene and can operate the Cinema System with the confidence of          knowing the seal is water-tight.
  • Anton Bauer Battery Plate
  • Trim Weights
  • Kit comes in (2) Pelican 1620 Travel Cases
  • Top Handle and Side Handles
  • Tool Kit & O-ring Kit
  • OPTIONAL: FLAT PORT for additional $75/day
  • OPTIONAL: 40m SDI Surface Feed Monitor Cable for additional $100/day
  • OPTIONAL: ARRI LCS 40m Surface Cable for additional $100/day (WCU-4 and cforce motors not included)

Easy Camera Prep

The Nauticam system is very easy to set up. Armed with only a coin and a #3mm hex key wrench, the entire support and lens control system is constructed on the camera base plate outside of the housing. This means the rig can be built on a table, in good light, with plenty of working space. Once the camera is assembled on its tray, the entire system slides into the housing, and locks securely in place.

Camera Control Via Integrated ARRI GPB-1

The rear of the housing features an ARRI GPB-1 control unit that interfaces with 10 assignable control buttons on the right rear of the housing. This enhanced control system allows for a dialing in the housing to meet the exact needs of the shoot.

Optically-Coated Glass Dome Port

Our exclusive 250mm optically coated glass dome port is supplied with every system, and we believe it is the best optic available for cinema lenses. The 250mm dome port diameter – 10 inches – is a key for good wide angle imaging performance with many cinema lenses underwater. Smaller domes can work well with close focusing SLR lenses, but many cinema lenses have a longer minimum focus distance in the .35-.40m (14-16″) range. Using Arri Master Prime T1.4/14mm, with its .4m MFD as an example, the 250mm dome provides clearly superior results, with much less corner softness than smaller domes. The glass dome is rugged, and extremely resistant to scratching. Broadband Anti-Reflective Coatings eliminate flare, reflections, and ghosting from the port optic. A robust machined aluminum shade protects the dome, and provides additional flare resistance.

Battery Configurations

The housing ships with an Anton Bauer “Gold Mount” battery plate and LEMO connector for the Alexa Mini camera. Ample space is available for a range of battery pack sizes to be used in the housing, providing long operation times.

Weight & Trim Bracket

A sliding weight bracket allows front-back trim to be adjusted dynamically in water, providing a natural port up or port down position as needed. The bracket accepts readily available dive weights, easily sourced on location. Additional trim weights can be attached to the housing skids, or to trim weight mounting locations strategically placed on the inside of the housing, to dial in neutral buoyancy and left-right balance.

Universal Lens Controls

A tremendous range of lenses is supported, from very small Zeiss Standard Speeds, to very large cinema styled zooms. Our port system has been tested with Arri UWZ 9.5-18, the most sophisticated wide angle lens ever produced, with excellent results. Lens swaps are easily accomplished with the camera out of the housing, or from the port opening. The lens gearing system is universal, sliding forward or back to match lens control ring placement, and swinging down to positively engage. No tools are required, with thumb screws securely locking all adjustments in place. A “C” Shaped support ring is used with very long zoom lenses, providing structural support that allows for precise control.

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 80m (262ft)
Weight 14kg (30lbs)
Dimensions 363 x 341 x 290mm (approximate 14 x 13 x 11 inches)

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