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A Jimmy Jib arm is ideal for any shot including overhead sweeping shots of crowds, musicians, action, exterior/establishing shots, unique angled shots, high or low angle shots, overheads for cooking demonstrations, locked off master shots, etc. You would be amazed how much time and money can be saved on a production by having a jib on set in order to quickly knock out all kinds of shots from all kinds of angles.

Optional Accessories: Vertical Camera Bracket | Bartech Digital Wireless Focus

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ASL’s experienced jib operators and technicians have worked on every type of production – talk show, news, reality, commercial, feature, short film, music video, concert, cooking, etc.

The Jimmy Jib can be built from 6 to 30 ft in 3 ft increments. Our shortest configuration possible is a 4ft jib/stub arm.

The Jib arm is built on a movable dolly which makes re-positioning this crane a snap. Our jib can also be used on track with our track wheels. We also have straight track in 4ft and 8ft lengths that can be added to the package upon request.

The jib can be used indoors or outdoors, and it can be used with essentially any camera and lens configuration. We can add one of our Splashbags for capturing images with the jib near water in order to protect the camera. For inclement weather, we can cover the camera and provide our Spintec Rain Deflector to keep water droplets off the lens. The jib is limitless. Add the best, experienced jib crew from ASL, and have no limits!


  • 3 ft Jib Extensions – each jib arm comes with the appropriate # of 3 ft sections per the height requested plus the proper cables and struts needed.
  • Remote Head
  • Electronics plus jib controls
  • Leveler
  • Tripod
  • Off-road dolly kit
  • Weights
  • HD monitor


  • Film/Digital Cine Kit – allows for control of virtually any type of lens
  • Spintec Rain Deflector – keeps water droplets off the lens
  • Portable Power for the jib
  • Straight track and track wheels – 4ft and 8ft straight track sections
  • Remote Operators Desk or Turnwheel System – Allows control of remote head functions
  • Remote Dutch Head – adds third axis to remote head
  • Track – (4 or 8 ft. sections)
  • Vertical Camera Bracket +$35/day
  • Bartech Digital Wireless Focus +$175/day


Q: I want to use a jib on the beach. Do I need anything specific to bring to location for this?
A: Bring 3 sheets of plywood with which the jib base can be built on.

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