Nauticam RED V-Raptor Housing

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The RED Digital Cinema V-RAPTOR (TM) 8K VV is RED’s latest flagship camera that can record REDCODE RAW in 8K resolution up to 120fps.  When paired with the Nauticam housing, it creates one of the smallest and easiest to use cinema systems on the market.

This housing does not support the RED V-Raptor XL 8K VV

Also compatible with RED Komodo

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Optional Accessories:

  • 45m HD-SDI Surface Feed Cable (+$105 /day)
  • Nauticam SmallHD 503 Housing w/ Monitor (+$265 /day)

The Nauticam V-Raptor Housing

The Nauticam V-Raptor Housing is engineered similarly to previous DSMC2 LT housings, providing the most compact and travel-friendly system possible. Enjoy unmatched user-friendliness and intuitive operation, including tool-less setup and teardown in minutes. Batteries can be swapped without removing the camera from the housing, and lens changes can be accomplished quickly.

The housing also features adjustable handles with easy access to the zoom and focus knobs. On top of the housing is a 1/4″-20 cheese plate, allowing for a wide variety of accessory mounting points.

In addition to Nauticam’s traditional complete mechanical control, the Raptor housing integrates electronic controls with backlighting. These controls can access Iris+/-, Shut+/-, ISO+/-, and WB on the left side of the housing and Pre-Record, FPS+/-, Playback, Play/Pause, Magnify, and Tools on the top of the housing.

Lens Support

Nauticam V-Raptor Housing includes a 250mm Wide-Angle Glass Dome Port. The left side of the housing features an easily accessible command wheel for smooth ND changes. Changing lenses is quick and easy and doesn’t require any tools.

Currently, our Nauticam V-Raptor Housing is equipped for use with the following lenses only:
  • Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM (EF to EOS R Adapter not included)
  • Zeiss CP.2 Lenses

Viewing and Monitoring

In addition to the side window for viewing the V-Raptor’s 2.4″ LCD screen, The Nauticam V-Raptor Housing includes the NA-502 Monitor Housing with the SmallHD 502 LCD, which features a bulkhead connection/video-out for the optional 45m External SDI Surface Feed Cable ($105 /day) for Top-side Monitoring.

Battery Compatibility

The RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV has an integrated Micro V-Lock battery interface.  Swapping batteries is as simple as opening the housing as the camera does not need to be removed to access the batteries.  The following batteries are supported within the housing:

  • REDVOLT Micro-V 98Wh
  • Anton Bauer Titon Micro V-Mount 45Wh/98Wh/140Wh
  • bebob V-MICRO 45Wh/98Wh/150Wh/200Wh
  • Core SWX NANO Micro 98Wh/147Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (V-Mount)
  • Fxlion NANO ONE/TWO Ultra Compact 50Wh/98Wh
  • Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok 14.4V 98Wh/150Wh Li-Ion Battery
  • IDX System Technology Imicro-150 14.5V 97Wh/145Wh Li-Ion V mount battery
  • SWIT PB-M98S 14.4V 98Wh Pocket Battery with D-Tap and USB Output (V-Mount)
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