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The OTS Aquacom MK2-DC1 system is ideal for underwater talent communications in a live broadcast situation. Up to 4 divers can communicate to a topside tender via a four wire mask system with ComRope. This item comes with one comm rope and one mask.

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The Aquacom MK2-DCI is a compact, self-contained two- or one-diver air intercom.  One or two divers in either 2- or 4-wire mode. However, up to 4 divers can be stacked and all be on line together (4-wire mode).

The 20 watts of power ensures clean, crisp communications over long lengths of communications rope. State-of-the-art circuitry allows intelligibility that is second to none. The unique battery protection microprocessor protect  the batteries from being damaged due to extreme low voltage conditions.

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  • Battery Life – 20 Hours Continuous Use
  • Frequency Response – 600-12,000 Hz
  • Output Power (watts) – 20
  • Charging Time – 14 Hours With Optional Gel-cell Batteries
  • Controls – Volume: Tender, Diver 1 & 2, Speaker, Cross Talk, Ptt, Speaker On/Off, Select Diver 1,2 Or Both
  • Speakers – Heavy Duty Front Panel Or Optional Headset With Boom Microphone
  • Low Battery Indicator – Led Type Battery Meter
  • Battery Type – (2) 6 Volt Lantern Batteries (heavy Duty) Or Optional (2) Rb-6v Rechargeable Batteries
  • Dimensions (w X H X D) – 14″ X 10.60″x 6.85″
  • Weight – 14 Lbs
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