TechnoMarine imagines a nightclub underwater. A cool & fun way to connect in a hot city.

Thanks to the creative minds at Thinkmodo for envisioning this spot and for turning to who else but Anthony S. Lenzo, underwater cinematographer, to help make it all happen.

Check out this viral video shot with ASL’s Gates Deep Epic housing and an Epic camera at a pool in Groton, CT.


  • DP – Anthony S. Lenzo
  • Producer – James Percelay (Thinkmodo)
  • AC – Zach Spira Bauer
  • Gaffer – Shawn Sullivan


  • The Underwater Nightclub was created by Thinkmodo for TechnoMarine.
  • The video was filmed inside a pool at Survival Systems in Groton, CT.
  • The bar and the set were custom built by Mystic Scenic Studios and the set was put together underwater by divers.
  • The custom diving helmets were provided by Sea Trek.
  • The video was shot on a RED Epic with the Gates DEEP Epic Housing by Air Sea Land Productions.
  • The entire production took 3 days.