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HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”

For “Boardwalk Empire,” Anthony and the ASL crew were hired to film at Sea Bright Beach with a 24ft jib arm, RED One camera and the T-bag which protected the camera while on the jib since they were shooting by the water.

The T-bag was also used for shooting a sequence of bottles floating by in the water and also crashing into pilings.

Check out the article written by ASL’s own Nick Lindner regarding the shoot:


  • Jib Operator & Underwater Camera Op – Anthony S. Lenzo
  • Underwater Camera Assist – Nick Lindner


  • T-bag Housing for use with a RED One camera on a jib
  • 24ft jimmy jib arm
  • Digital Cine Kit (Microforce Zoom & Bartech Focus)
  • Rip Kit for RED One
  • Marshal V-LCD84 8B-AFHD 8″ daybright HD monitor

Emerge – U/W Medical Spot

This unique commercial emphasizes the core truth of Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital – that they understand the challenges of the journey of recovering from a stroke or brain injury better than anyone and that they work relentlessly towards recovery with their patients.

This message was told in a highly effective way capturing an underwater actress sinking in a pool and then slowly fighting/rising to the top as she recovers from her traumatic injury.


  • Director – Ed Buffman
  • Producer – Daniel Hank – Echelon Productions
  • DP & U/W Cam Op – Anthony S. Lenzo
  • Editor – Billy Woods – Mangos Agency


  • Gates DEEP Epic & Scarlet Underwater Housing
  • EPIC camera package
  • Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm lens