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ToughSignal™ provides strong, remote internet connectivity unlike anything you have experienced. Our portable devices are rugged, powerful and scalable.

Star Link Addition Available (Contact Rentals about Location of Operation to find out if needed)



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Our Summit series Antenna Arrays are unparalleled. Our antennas are custom engineered to be high efficiency, high performance and
designed for maximum reach in remote areas where cellular infrastructure may be compromised. All antennas are located safely sealed in the lid of our Summit series IP64 rated case to prevent damage and wear from rugged use. All devices are equipped with dual modem capabilities which allows simultaneous connections across multiple bands to two cellular carriers,


You are 100% responsible for proper installation and placement of the Star Link satellite. The tricky part about Starlink is that it needs a very wide, clear view of the sky. Trees and other obstructions can cause performance issues. Every customer will need to verify that potential installation locations are free from obstructions for optimal performance. Starlink is satellite internet, and as a result, it can be affected by weather. Heavy rain, snow, and ice can knock out your signal for minutes at a time. Please contact a rental agent if you are unsure if the location that your operation is clear enough for Star Link.


Our Summit series ToughFusion™ VPN capability supercharges your signal by
allowing you to bond available connections simultaneously including multiple
cellular connections, satellite, WiFi and/or existing LAN access.
As opposed to standard load balancing, ToughFusion™ is an aggregation of all
available network connection power to prevent latency and downtime from
cellular congestion, unpredictable carrier coverage, and Satellite obstructions.
ToughFusion™ is capable of combining the strongest signals from the best 2 of 4
total cellular connections stacked on top of WiFi, LAN, WAN and Satellite.


Our Summit series WAN Smoothing capability stabilizes live broadcasts that would otherwise be jittery due to packet loss.
WAN Smoothing sends redundant packets through multiple network channels simultaneously, instantly filling in the gaps in data and eliminating the effects of packet loss. The trade off is higher bandwidth usage for greater connection resiliency.


Our Summit series SIM Injection capability allows ToughSignal’s support engineers to remotely provision a group of SIMs and data plans from multiple cellular carriers directly to your Dual 4G and Dual 5G devices while they are deployed and hot. Cellular carriers are unpredictable and erratic which adds uncertainty to running your Summit series on a single data plan. ToughData™ is a managed, reliable and inexhaustible service. We operate a server farm capable of hosting thousands of physical SIMs and data plans (including high priority plans). ToughData™ means you will never be stuck with the wrong plan for your location and operational need. You will no longer have to physically acquire and install SIMs when your plan throttles or fails . You will never run out of data on location or in the moment.


Our Summit series Synergy mode allows you to interconnect any cluster of Summit series devices to scale to your bandwidth requirement. All connected devices can be controlled through a single, unified management interface.


Our Summit series Drop-In mode allows you to seamlessly integrate into your existing network operation and workflow without making any extensive configuration changes on the back end. The Summit series uses military grade encryption, and supports advanced routing capabilities, enterprise-grade firewall, VPN client support, VLAN support, captive portals and more.


Our Summit series will serve as a strong internet connection to other mobile proprietary platforms with weaker signals that are consequently being used as part of a broader operational strategy. The Summit Series can also operate on T-Mobile’s rural band and will integrate with and bond to our Starlink satellite.


Our summit Series cases are IP64 rated which can operate lid closed for use in all weather conditions. Charging is maintained by an included 65 watt USB-C power block, Each unit is GPS enabled for tracking. There are integrated padlock holes for security. All ToughSignal devices are designed and assembled in the USA.


Weight 18.9 lbs
Dimensions 18.59” x 14.54” x 7.02”

Ports 4 Gigabit LAN/WAN ports, 2x Fan/Vent holes, USB A, USB C for charging input and power output
Battery 54,000 mAh/199Wh
Integrated Modem 2x 5G Modem
WiFi WiFi 6 with up to 16 separate networks
SIM Slots 4x Nano SIM slots
Users Up to 150 (with necessary bandwidth available)
WiFi Coverage Up to 300ft

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