VL1800 Diving Video Light

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The VL1800, available for rental in NY and worldwide, is a self-contained, compact and powerful all-purpose diving light best suited for video.

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The VL1800 employs a Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack which can be quick charged with the Smart Quick Charger within 2 hours. It generates 1800 Lumens from three ultra high efficiency LED chips, and offers 25%, 50% and 100% output levels through the reliable magnetic switch.

The burn times lasts from 1.8 hours to 8 hours.

Comes with red and yellow clip-on filters, and a 120 degree lens cap which widens the output to 120 degrees.


  • Light source 3 x ultrahigh intensity LED
  • Light output 450 Lm(Hi). 900 Lm(Mid), 1800 Lm(Hi)
  • Casing material Aluminum alloy. Anti-corrosive anodized.
  • Power source Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack, P/N BAT12.0-2.5/10AA
  • Angle of light beam 73° in air, 80° in water
  • Color temperature 6500K
  • Burn time I mode (Lo=25%) at 8 hours
  • II mode (Med=50%) at 3.6 hours
  • III mode (Hi=100%) at 1.8 hours
  • Maximum depth 100m tested
  • Size Diameter 58.5mm x Length 184.5mm
  • Weight in air 692g. (including batteries)
  • Buoyancy in seawater -327g. (including batteries)
  • Switching system Magnetic switch, 0, I, II, III(4 positions)
  • Front glass Optical convex lens
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