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$300.00 / day

Available worldwide and in NYC for rental, the Compact T-Bag underwater splashbag housing can work with a variety of cameras such as the Alexa Mini, RED DSMC and DSMC2, Sony F3, Sony FS700, Sony EX3 & EX1, Panasonic AF100, HVX200, HPX170, Canon C300 and C500, and other compact HD cameras.


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NOTE: For certain cameras, please use a riser to properly line up your camera or you can rent ASL’s riser (under optional accessories)

NOTE: Wireless FIZ Lens Controls are Suggested


  • Dimensions: 18″(L) X 9″(H) X 8″(W)
  • Super tough, yet flexible material
  • Rated down to 2 meters (6-7 ft)
  • Flat port optics
  • Removable internal camera plate with O’Connor flange doubles as production camera plate
  • Adjustable removable handgrip system
  • Easily mounts onto a tripod or remote head
  • Watertight gland ports for cabling in and out of bag–use your own cables, no special cabling required
  • Purge valve to balance air pressure
  • Shoulder pad
  • Optional filter tray holds two 4×5.65″ filters and offers full 360° rotation

CAMERA PACKAGE NOTE: We cannot assess whether your equipment will fit in the housing. To check if your camera and lens will fit, please see if it fits within these dimensions (but not too small of course): 18″(L) X 9″(H) X 8″(W)


  • Underwater Cinematographer
  • Splashbag Technician
  • Underwater 3G-SDI Monitor
  • Filter Stage Assembly for the T-bag and Compact T-bag. It holds two 4 x 5.65″ filters and offers full 360° rotation
  • iTorch Video Pro7 Underwater Video Light
  • BigBlue VL8300 Underwater Video Lights
  • VL1800 Dive Light
  • Diver recall/Underwater speaker system for voice comm or music
  • OTS MK7 Buddyline System
  • OTS MK2-DC1 underwater comm system
  • OTS STX-101 wireless underwater comm system


Q: What special connector would we use from the regulator in order to use the front blower on the Compact T-bag to reflect water off the flat port?
A: A scuba low pressure breather hose quick connect

Q: How deep can the Compact T-bag be submerged?
A: 4-5ft max.

Q: Can a wireless follow focus and/or video transmitter be used?
A: Maybe, but it probably might not work through water; only at or above the water level. We cannot say for sure if any particular system will work properly or at all.

Q: How do I get the Compact T-bag to submerge more?
A: You can carefully add some weight to the inside of the bag if necessary: ex. a dive belt weight wrapped in a soft towel.

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