HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”

For “Boardwalk Empire,” Anthony and the ASL crew were hired to film at Sea Bright Beach with a 24ft jib arm, RED One camera and the T-bag which protected the camera while on the jib since they were shooting by the water.

The T-bag was also used for shooting a sequence of bottles floating by in the water and also crashing into pilings.

Check out the article written by ASL’s own Nick Lindner regarding the shoot:


  • Jib Operator & Underwater Camera Op – Anthony S. Lenzo
  • Underwater Camera Assist – Nick Lindner


  • T-bag Housing for use with a RED One camera on a jib
  • 24ft jimmy jib arm
  • Digital Cine Kit (Microforce Zoom & Bartech Focus)
  • Rip Kit for RED One
  • Marshal V-LCD84 8B-AFHD 8″ daybright HD monitor

Emerge – U/W Medical Spot

This unique commercial emphasizes the core truth of Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital – that they understand the challenges of the journey of recovering from a stroke or brain injury better than anyone and that they work relentlessly towards recovery with their patients.

This message was told in a highly effective way capturing an underwater actress sinking in a pool and then slowly fighting/rising to the top as she recovers from her traumatic injury.


  • Director – Ed Buffman
  • Producer – Daniel Hank – Echelon Productions
  • DP & U/W Cam Op – Anthony S. Lenzo
  • Editor – Billy Woods – Mangos Agency


  • Gates DEEP Epic & Scarlet Underwater Housing
  • EPIC camera package
  • Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm lens

Underwater Night Club!

TechnoMarine imagines a nightclub underwater. A cool & fun way to connect in a hot city.

Thanks to the creative minds at Thinkmodo for envisioning this spot and for turning to who else but Anthony S. Lenzo, underwater cinematographer, to help make it all happen.

Check out this viral video shot with ASL’s Gates Deep Epic housing and an Epic camera at a pool in Groton, CT.


  • DP – Anthony S. Lenzo
  • Producer – James Percelay (Thinkmodo)
  • AC – Zach Spira Bauer
  • Gaffer – Shawn Sullivan


  • The Underwater Nightclub was created by Thinkmodo for TechnoMarine.
  • The video was filmed inside a pool at Survival Systems in Groton, CT.
  • The bar and the set were custom built by Mystic Scenic Studios and the set was put together underwater by divers.
  • The custom diving helmets were provided by Sea Trek.
  • The video was shot on a RED Epic with the Gates DEEP Epic Housing by Air Sea Land Productions.
  • The entire production took 3 days.

GMA Concert Series 2013 – It’s A Wrap!

ASL once again captured spectacular images of great musical performances at the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park with its 24ft jib for ABC’s Good Morning America summer concert series 2013. We can’t wait until next year!

Check the link below to see who you missed. Check the video tab to watch Pitbull’s performance.


  • ASL Jib Operators and Technicians


  • 24ft jimmy jib arm


ASL is Proud To Announce That We Will Now Be Representing HYDROFLEX Underwater Lighting and Imaging Products in New York City and the Northeast.