HydroFlex Alexa Primes Splashbag

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Available for pickup in NYC directly from Air Sea Land.

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More than a rain cover, The Alexa Primes splash bag is a sealed unit with a custom dry-suit type zipper that allows easy access to a camera while ensuring full protection from rain or other wet conditions. It is ideal to mount on a tripod or crane. It is not immersible and should be used for surface use only. For camera protection while filming underwater, see our Camera Housings.

All of our splash bags have integral air powered spray deflector systems to prevent water drops from collecting in front of the lens and an internal defogging system keeps condensation from forming in front of the lens. Use of either of these optional features requires the additional rental of a spray deflector support kit.

Once it’s in a splash bag, the camera’s lens control can be achieved with a Preston remote system or manually with a follow focus whip. Clear side panels on the bag allow easy viewing of lens and camera settings. Magazine changes or memory cards and most lens changes can be made easily without removing the camera from the bag.

Inside the bag, the camera position is fully adjustable to accommodate different length lenses. Outside the bag, the mounting base remains adjustable, enabling the system to be balanced on a head regardless of the lens chosen. A built-in matte box accepts accessories including eyebrows and hard mattes.

Your external, onboard monitor can be mounted externally on top and and protected with the included rain cover.

Suggested Accessories

  • Air Powered Spray Deflector Kit (+$90.00)
  • Scuba Tank Regulator (+$10.00)
  • Nitrogen Tank Regulator (+$10.00)
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